Yorkshire terriers have a beautiful, long, luxurious, shiny coat and a tied up topknot with a bow, which keeps the hair out of their eyes. Before you start preparing your Yorkshire terrier for show be sure to have all the necessary supplies on hand before you start, such as shampoo, conditioner, scissors, clippers, nail clippers, a pin brush, metal comb, and towels. It is not only annoying but also time consuming to run back and forth for the needed items.

Before you bathe your Yorkie, you need to check his coat for mats and snarls using your fingers to pull any apart you find. Use a pin brush (I prefer a Madan brush) and then a metal comb to remove the mats completely. Snarls and mats not only look unattractive but also actually hurt your Yorkie if left for any length of time. If you find many, start grooming your dog more often and more thoroughly.

Check your Yorkies ear channel for any sign of infection. Use a plucking powder to remove any ear channel hair with your fingers. Inside the ear leathers, clip the excess hair approximately a third of the way down, the same off the back in a V shape and along the outside edge. Trim the hair from between the pads on their feet level with the footpads.

Many Yorkies suffer from premature tooth loss due to excessive tartar so brush their teeth thoroughly before a bath. There are several good teeth cleaning products available for Yorkies on the market.

Trim your Yorkies nails before each bath removing just the tips, being very careful not to remove too much causing bleeding. Always have Quick Stop available in case you accidentally cut off too much. A dog nail file will smooth out any rough edges.

Bathe your Yorkie using a good quality shampoo and never scrub or rub in a circle but just run your fingers through the dogs' hair. Be sure to rinse your dog until you remove all traces of shampoo on their coat and skin and then rinse again. Use a light conditioner after his bath or mist it on when you dry your Yorkie. Dry your dog by wrapping him in a towel but do not rub. For long coats, begin brushing at the ends when your Yorkies coat is just damp after standing in front of your dog dryer, to prevent breaking. Do this in sections so you do not miss an area. Use scissors to clip about half an inch around the anal area. Trim the feet by rounding it following their feet's natural outline.
A Yorkshire terrier is a wonderful, affectionate, loving companion that provides individuals or families with many years of joy. It is an owner's responsibility to provide their Yorkie with love and everything it needs, including proper grooming and to manage the Yorkshire terrier's coat and keep it healthy and looking its best. Yorkies have no undercoat so are a 'single' coated breed with hair that is very much like humans. Their beautiful coat is a silky texture, fine, glossy, perfectly straight and moderately long. The Yorkie's coat color is usually black and tan, black and gold, blue and tan, and blue and gold. They do not shed so a Yorkie is great for anyone that dislikes finding dog hair on their possessions or has allergies.

A Yorkshire terrier's hair requires occasional clipping as it continuously grows and can become very long. Yorkies require regular daily combing and brushing to prevent their hair from becoming matted and to keep the dog looking its best. The best type of brush to use on your Yorkie is a pin brush, which reaches through their hair easily and has a soft rubber back. It is best to avoid nylon bristle brushes, natural bristle brushes, or ones that have a small ball on each pins end. These usually pull the dog's fur making it uncomfortable for the puppy and often end up breaking the hair. Always mist your dog's hair with conditioner and water before brushing as you should not brush their hair when it is completely dry.

It is important to purchase a good quality, long teeth metal comb with no rough spots or edges, which could scratch or injury your Yorkies skin or damage their coat. After giving your dog a thorough brushing, finish the grooming session by using the long teeth metal comb on its coat. Even when you give your dog a thorough brushing, it is surprising how many tangles or knots you miss. A thorough combing helps you find the mats and remove them immediately. If left in your Yorkshire terrier's coat, they not only tighten but also cause the dog pain when trying to remove them.

Depending on how dirty your Yorkshire terrier gets, bathing could be necessary only once or twice a month or as frequently as once a week. There are many good quality dog shampoo's and conditioners available but be sure to use only a tearless shampoo for washing your dogs head in case you accidentally get soap in its eyes. Keep your conditioner, shampoo, and towel handy so you never have to leave your pet unattended as accidents only take seconds to occur. Instead of using the sink to bath your puppy, it is far safer to use the bathtub, which prevents any chance of the Yorkie falling or jumping off and getting hurt. When drying your Yorkie, always use low heat or a cooler setting as their skin is very sensitive, tender and could burn. Managing your Yorkshire terriers coat by routine grooming not only keeps it looking and feeling great but also reduces the chance of disease and infection.