Traveling with your Yorkie can be a fun and enjoyable experience for you and your family. Many people nowadays prefer to take their
yorkies along on family vacations or when they travel instead of putting them in a kennel or having someone pet sit them. Health and safety
should be the first priority when planning a trip with your Yorkie. If taking an extended trip, have your vet check your Yorkshire Terrier over,
be sure his needles are up to date and take his vaccination records with you. If traveling by plane, a health certificate is required. Be sure to
take any medication your Yorkie requires, bottled or local water and a supply of the dog food he normally eats. Make sure the dog has his
rabies tag and identification tag on the collar in case he gets lost. Identification should include your name, the dogs name and your home
phone number. Always carry a current picture of your Yorkie also.

Using a crate is a great way to keep your Yorkshire Terrier comfortable and safe when traveling in the car plus it is also handy when staying
with friends or in a motel. Some features to look for when purchasing a crate for your Yorkie include buying the correct size. It should be
large enough for your dog to lie down stretched out, turn around in, and stand upright. Usually a crate approximately one and a half times the
size of your Yorkie is sufficient. Buy a crate with a leak proof bottom and put in a mat and soft, washable bedding to keep your dog
comfortable. Be sure the crate has sufficient cross ventilation with exterior knobs to keep your Yorkie safe and cool enough.

If your Yorkshire terrier  has never traveled before, get him used to sitting in his crate in the car with you. Start off with just starting the car
until he is comfortable with that and then take shorts rides around the block, gradually increasing the distance. Make sure the car is well
ventilated so there is fresh air flowing into the dog crate. Some Yorkies are prone to car sickness so they often travel better on an empty
stomach but always have fresh water available at all times. Never leave your dog alone in the car, even if the window is open or it is cool
outside. Have a family member stay with your Yorkie if it is necessary to leave the car for a few minutes. Stop often for potty breaks and
exercise as car rides do become boring for both you and your pet.

If staying in a motel or hotel while traveling to your vacation destination, phone ahead to make sure they allow dogs and find out if there are
any restrictions. Keep your pet as quiet as possible so it does not disturb other guests and put him in his crate if you do go out for a short
period. If your Yorkie is nervous and barks if left unattended in a strange place, it is best to stay with him. Find out where it is permissible to
walk your dog and always clean up after him. By being a responsible dog owner, both you and your Yorkie will have an enjoyable, safe trip.
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